Personal Loss

Personal Grief Support Warrenton VALoss comes in all descriptions — invisible but painful wounds most often known only by the person experiencing loss. Loss is a part of life and it comes at various times and at any age. You can grieve for a variety of reasons. Mourning a loss is normal. It is when grief debilitates, when a person feels overwhelmed and unable to cope that support is necessary.

Spiritual Care Support Ministries provides the short and long term support needed by those who are suffering to process what is happening to them. Moving through the grief process takes time and commitment to “stay the course” until the goal of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is accomplished. That is what Spiritual Care Support Ministries does best.

SCSM’s objective is not to “fix” a person but to journey with them and give them the love, compassion, and value they deserve, while they heal.

Different Types of Personal Loss

  • Loss of Body Function – hearing, vision, mental capacities, mobility, communication
  • Loss of Body Image – loss of body part through surgery, accident, change in appearance, aging
  • Loss of Control – natural or human caused disaster, accidents, hospitalization of loved one
  • Loss of Freedom – incarceration, medical changes in a person, birth of a child
  • Loss of Health – medical conditions, illnesses, disabilities, debilitating or terminal disease
  • Loss of Home, Property – homelessness, natural or manmade disasters
  • Loss of Identity – marriage, career, empty nest syndrome, relocation, retirement, aging
  • Loss of Independence – Change in living situation, entering nursing homes
  • Loss of Innocence – advertising and media influencing children to grow up too soon
  • Loss of Job, Income – downsizing, layoffs, retirement, career change
  • Loss to Relocation
  • Pet loss
  • Financial loss
  • Loss of a Life – death, suicide, accident, homicide, murder, war
  • Loss of Plans, Hopes and Dreams for the Future – miscarriage, abortion, stillbirths, adoption, infertility, relationship, job, career
  • Loss of Relationships – separation, divorce, pet break up, illness, loss of Pastor resigning from a church
  • Loss of Religious Beliefs – questioning beliefs, disillusioned with church, church splits
  • Loss of Role – occupation, job, relation e.g. parent, child, friend
  • Loss of Safety – vulnerable feelings after rape, robbery, betrayal, unanticipated events crises, traumatic events or disasters
  • Loss of Sexual Function – from physical or psychological etiology
  • Loss of Significant Person – death, divorce, Illness, relocations, military duty, missing in action
  • Loss of Treasured Object – Favorite object, family heirlooms destroyed through fire, flood, and theft
  • Loss of youth